KPI Matrix

The perfect application to control, manage and improve your performance.

Features You'll Love.

The KPI Matrix is very simple, easy and flexible to use. Companies can create custom KPI’s based on their business needs. The executive dashboard designed for both Score Card and Vessel Ranking Report. In one screen you have an individual view of performance of all your teams and Vessels, broken down it to Elements and Sub-element reports. The vessel ranking charts to show information associated with their KPI average value.


KPI Dashboard

KPIs are the tools for improvement of performance, shipping companies should acknowledge one common set of KPIs, and implement them systematically and methodologically. The KPI Matrix dashboard will help boards of directors will make the decision and the managers will determine the performance management.


KPI Components

KPI’s are divided into Elements, Sub-Elements and Rules. Each element has some weightage, which depends on shipping company internal improvement process. The components are fully integrated end-to-end business measurement and analysis systems.


Add Vessels

KPI Matrix comes with Vessel information system. It has option to add the vessel UID with year of manufacturing and location. We can generate reports for vessel information.


Add Users

The KPI Matrix comes with role based on the type of account permissions they should be allowed. There are three user levels : Administrator, Feeder and KPI Manager. There is only one owner(Administrator) for each company. They have full access to edit or change any account settings. Feeder only has access to upload the data. The KPI Manager verify the data and change the status to verified.


Reports & Analytics

The KPI Matrix is high-level snapshots of an organization or business process based on specific predefined measures. The KPI is a type performance measurement that helps you understand how your vessel or department is performing. KPIs are typically captured and conveyed in a combination of reports and charts.


KPI Benefits

KPIs drive your operating model. In every functional area of your business, you should be able to identify a small element of kpi that drive the outcomes you seek on weekly or monthly basis. KPIs help to clarify performance expectations for your functional teams and for every role in your organization. KPIs help you to hold people accountable.

Some Cool Stuff

KPIs and drilldown charts

KPI Matrix can consist of many drilldown views. Navigation from smart business generic KPI to Elements and elements to Sub-Elements and line Chart. The dashboard visualises metrics for a KPI and Vessel Ranking.

Video Stuff

KPI Matrix - Score Card and Vessel Ranking

The application provides business with a KPI focused platform to create, manage and analyze KPI Data. The software allows organizations to enter their KPI data into specially designed system rather than use spread sheets. It enables ship operators to improve performance of vessel systems. The KPI system generates alerts for the various vessel reports.